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Will we shwop til we dwop at Marks and Spencer?

11 June 2012 -

(Mallen Baker)

More and more of those companies that are committed to sustainability are experimenting with ways to influence the way customers behave. Marks and Spencer are not exactly new to that experiment – but they have just launched a high profile attempt to take it a stage further.

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Leasing could provide the route to a circular and self-supporting economy

15 May 2012 -

(Guardian) By Judith Merkies and Eric Lowitt

A leasing society model would give manufacturers an economic incentive to design sustainable products.

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Greenpeace takes a bite out of Apple’s dirty datacentres

20 April 2012 -

(Business Green) By Rosalie Marshall

Green group urges firm to follow lead of Google and Facebook by investing in more efficient datacentres.

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Cellphone Recycling: Getting the Most Out of Smartphones

3 April 2012 -

(GreenBiz) By Christopher Krywulak

What happens to your old phone when you buy a new one? As smartphone features and technology advance, consumers are quickly switching to newer, better, faster phones. Old cellphones are now one of the fastest-growing types of garbage in the United States.

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What really defines sustainability?

7 March 2012 -

We who work on trying to make corporations more sustainable, do we ever just sit back and think about the    definition of sustainability? Yesterday I passed the grand opening of the new Mac store in Amsterdam. Endless lines of people were munching on apples that were handed out, there was a party atmosphere, it was the place to be…

Now let’s rewind to a few days before when I went to the old Mac store to get a charger for my laptop. I was unceremoniously told that my PowerBook that I had spent US$ 2,500 on in 2006 was considered vintage. They no longer supported it.

That made me wonder how sustainable companies like Apple really are. Apple bombards us with the latest in technology and design several times a year, presenting the high tech gadget that we have to have. Each one of those gadgets is made from rare earth minerals, scarce finite resources, and their production uses large amounts of energy. Telling us that we have to ditch our PowerBook for a newer MacBook is asking us to ignore the fact that finite resources went into making our new must-have technology.

I then got to thinking what really is sustainable and how I can define it. My answer is found in a simple Land Rover and the fact that 70% of all Land Rovers ever produced since 1948 are still in use! That means that raw materials, finite minerals and energy used in production were, for the most part, only used once.

Sustainability really means making things that last, that one holds onto for year after year. It means supporting repairs. And when the product’s life cycle is over, it is recycled. Making your supply chain more transparent, using organic and fair trade materials, creating energy efficient centres is all good and well; but when you push an endless slew of new products onto consumers, it is all really green wash in the end.

- Vicky Valanos
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World’s Largest Metal Recycler Ordered to Stop Discharges

20 January 2012 -

(Environmental Leader)

The world’s largest metals and electronics recycler, Sims Metal Management, has been illegally discharging PCBs, mercury, lead, copper and zinc into San Francisco Bay, the EPA charged on Tuesday.

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Recycled Christmas trees used for flood defences

12 January 2012 -


The Environment Agency (EA) is using discarded Christmas trees in a bid to build ‘greener’ flood defences along river banks.

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Coke Picks up Pace on 100% PlantBottle as Cola Wars Continue

21 December 2011 -

(GreenBiz) by Matthew Wheeland

The Cola Wars have entered into a new, green phase. No longer focused on blind taste tests, Coke and Pepsi have for the past two years been engaged in a race to the top to bring plant-based, recyclable beverage bottles to market.

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New trade association aims to unite interests of recycling sector

18 November 2011 -


A new trade body, The Resource Association, was launched today (November 8) to champion the reprocessing and recycling industries and present a unified voice for the sector.

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Puma aiming to produce compostable trainers and T-shirts

18 November 2011 -

(Guardian) By Louise Osborne

German sportswear manufacturer working on designs for shoes and clothing that can be buried at the bottom of the garden

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Coffee chains urged to improve takeaway cup recycling

29 October 2011 -

(Greenwise) By Rebecca Smithers

Coffee shops are failing to make it easy for customers to recycle the estimated 2.5bn takeaway cups thrown away each year in the UK, a consumer group warned on Tuesday.

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Japanese bra-to-fuel recycling scheme set to scupper ‘perverts’

29 October 2011 -

) By Maxine Perella

Bra manufacturing giants Triumph International and Wacoal have teamed up to encourage women in Japan to recycle their underwear for use as alternative industrial fuel.

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EU ponders recycling rules for electric car batteries

14 October 2011 -

( By Arthus Neslen

The looming challenge of how to deal with hundreds of thousands of used lithium batteries produced to power electric car is on the Brussels “to do” list, EU sources say.

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Full circle: products that are made with recycling in mind

12 October 2011 -

(The Guardian) By Andy Hix

Companies should look to closed-loop product design if they want to make sustainability a core part of their future strategy.

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