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Unilever’s Paul Polman: challenging the corporate status quo

11 June 2012 -

(The Guardian)

Paul Polman, the chief executive of consumer goods giant Unilever, is in a league of his own when it comes to being the leader a multinational company challenging the corporate status quo.

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No, Consumers Will Not Pay More for Green

16 August 2011 -

(Forbes) By Gregory Unruh – July 28, 2011
Economists call it “willingness to pay.” But for many sustainability managers it is an illusion—the illusion that consumers are willing to pay more for green. Unfortunately, history has shown that the marketplace is not willing to pay extra. Consumers and the public instead expect sustainability as a baseline condition of business. They don’t expect to pay for it. They are, however, more than willing to punish if it’s not there.

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Boardroom Lessons from a Social Media Misstep

15 August 2011 -

(Harvard Business Review)By Lucy P. Marcus – August 12, 2011
Board members need to understand the factors that impact their businesses. Economics, politics, and sector shifts are all vital issues on the agenda in the boardroom. But the agenda needs to keep pace with what is influencing business, and amongst the things that board members need to fully appreciate is the growing influence and power of social media. It is not just about political uprisings any more.

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Play at being an ethical investor – new board game readies for launch

12 July 2011 -

(The Independent) A new environmentally educational board game called Ethica lets players assume the role of an investment banker or venture capitalist and see how well their green intentions stand up in the world of international finance. The game represents part of the developing trend of environmental education through play.

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How Shareholder Activism Moved the Needle on Sustainability in 2011

8 July 2011 -

(Green Biz) By Leslie Guevarra, Published July 08, 2011

From fracking by companies such as Chevron, Exxon Mobil and Ultra Petroleum to greater use of recyclable cups by McDonald’s and Starbucks, a host of CSR issues captured shareholders’ attention and support this year, according to reports on the 2011 proxy season from As You Sow and Ceres.

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How Timberland and Levi’s Use Teamwork to Advance Sustainability

18 May 2011 -

(GreenBiz) Businesses can’t take on complex environmental and social issues without input from the full spectrum of stakeholders ranging from NGOs and community groups to their suppliers, employees and investors.

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