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Why water matters

23 July 2012 -

(Mike Hercek)

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), water is “a fast-unfolding environmental crisis… and analysis suggests that the world will face a 40% global shortfall between forecast demand and available supply by 2030.”

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Excessive Water Use ‘Threatening Business in Major Economies’

21 May 2012 -

(Environmental Leader)

Unsustainable water use is threatening agriculture, other business and populations in China, India and the US, according to a study by risk analysis company Maplecroft.

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Arctic Ocean May Open To Regular Shipping By 2017

8 May 2012 -

(Huffington Post)

The Arctic Ocean could open for regular commercial shipping within the next five to 10 years, according to a Canadian polar scientist who conducted research for the International Polar Year Conference.

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Retrofits could yield $1T in US energy savings

3 April 2012 -

(Greenbiz) By Leslie Guevarra

Savvy investments in energy efficiency retrofits for buildings could yield more than three times their value, mounting to about $1 trillion in energy savings in a decade, says new research from Deutsche Bank and The Rockefeller Foundation.
The study released today said that yield would be just one of the returns if $279 billion were spent for retrofits of residential, commercial and institutional buildings in the United States.

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NIKE, Inc. Announces Strategic Partnership to Scale Waterless Dyeing Technology

27 February 2012 -


NIKE, Inc. (NYSE:NKE) announced today it has entered into a strategic partnership with DyeCoo Textile Systems B.V., a Netherlands-based company that has developed and built the first commercially available waterless textile dyeing machines

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Water Woes Hit Gap, Kraft, Nestle, MillerCoors

7 November 2011 -

(Environmental Leader)

Companies including Gap, Kraft and MillerCoors are all dealing with financial hits from water shortages and floods, according to news reports.

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Unilever and Walmart in joint water saving campaign

3 November 2011 -

( By Carys Matthews

A Unilever owned shampoo brand has teamed up with American retail giant Walmart as part of a new campaign to encourage consumers to save water in the shower.

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Wastewater recycling ‘three times’ more polluting

1 September 2011 -

(EdieWater) August 31, 2011
Wastewater recycling produces more greenhouse gases than traditional water treatment processes but is still worth continuing, research has concluded.

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Women waste 50bn litres of water shaving legs in shower

29 August 2011 -

(The Telegraph) August 25, 2011
They may already be used to complaints about blunt razors from boyfriends or husbands, but women who shave their legs in the shower now face criticism from environmentalists.

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As Water Week Kicks Off, Corporate Leaders Share Their Successes

24 August 2011 -

(GreenBiz) By Tilde Herrera – August 22, 2011
Over the coming decades, the bulk of the world’s predicted population growth is going to take place in urban areas that will serve as hotbeds for economic activity and innovation. Some estimate that just the world’s city-dwelling population of 2050 will equal the entire global population of today.

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Viña Concha y Toro becomes ‘world’s first’ winery to measure water footprint

14 July 2011 -

(Business Green) Chilean wine producer Viña Concha y Toro has announced it has teamed up with local think tank Fundación Chile and NGO the Water Footprint Network to become the first winery in the world to measure the water footprint of the wine it produces.

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A drought in your portfolio: are global companies responding to water scarcity?

16 June 2011 -

EIRIS publishes report on water risk and how this is the world’s most essential commodity without doubt is water. Yet despite its critical importance to the global economy and to human life, water is taken for granted and the impending issue of water scarcity remains largely neglected. However, investor-led initiatives related to water risks have begun to gain momentum.

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Veolia Launches Water Data Site

25 May 2011 -

(Environmental Leader) Water services provider Veolia Water has launched, a site that uses animated maps, infographics and case studies to help municipalities, businesses and consumers better understand water challenges in 180 countries.
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Fog ‘harvesting’ could mean water for poor

3 May 2011 -

(Terra Daily) A U.S. researcher says he wants to help the world’s poor gain access to water through a technology based on nature called fog harvesting.
The technology mimics the technique of a beetle species in the arid Namib Desert on the west coast of Africa that harvest water from morning fogs that roll in by collecting water droplets condensing on its back.
Shreerang Chhatre, an engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, say a system borrowing the beetle’s trick could attract and corral water droplets from fogs, allowing poor villagers to collect clean water near their homes instead of spending hours carrying water from distant wells or streams.
The World Health Organization estimates nearly 900 million people worldwide live without safe drinking water and the burden of finding and transporting water falls heavily on women and children, an MIT release said Thursday.
In a fog-harvesting system, a fence-like mesh panel that attracts water droplets is connected to receptacles into which water drips.
Chhatre’s training as a chemical engineer has focused on the wettability of materials — their tendency to either absorb or repel liquids — and he has worked to improve the material used in fog harvesting systems.
In some field tests, fog harvesters have captured a quart of water per one square meter of mesh, per day, the MIT release said.

by Staff Writers
Boston (UPI) Apr 21, 2011

Rob Harmon: How the market can keep streams flowing

17 March 2011 -

With streams and rivers drying up because of over-usage, Rob Harmon has implemented an ingenious market mechanism to bring back the water. Farmers and beer companies find their fates intertwined in the intriguing century-old tale of Prickly Pear Creek.

Coca-Cola Misses Water Replenishment Goal

10 February 2011 -

The Coca-Cola Company has missed a goal to return to the environment all water used in its manufacturing process, but is on track to improve its water use ratio 20 percent by 2012.

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10 Companies Setting Big Goals for Water Efficiency

10 February 2011 -

As our planet’s most valuable resource, efficient water use should be at the top of every companies agenda. Here GreenBiz has listed the top ten companies setting the standard for water efficiency: full article here

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