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Imagine a Pollution Monitor That Checks Your Vital Signs

11 June 2012 -

(New York Times)

A bus just passed by. I think I have a headache. This is the sort of inane information that the most tweet-happy among us rush to share with the rest of the indifferent world. 

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Microsoft Taxes Itself

21 May 2012 -

(Harvard Business Review) By Andrew Winston

This week, Microsoft is announcing an unusual initiative that it hopes will change how the company operates: an internal fee on carbon.

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Energy Star May Lose Electronics Makers After Rules Change

21 May 2012 -

(Bloomberg Businessnews) By Ari Natter

Electronics manufacturers are threatening to drop out of Energy Star, saying recent changes have made participation in the federal government’s voluntary energy efficiency labeling program too costly.

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How Apple Sidesteps Billions in Taxes

8 May 2012 -

(New York Times) By Charles Duhigg and David Kocieniewski

Apple, the world’s most profitable technology company, doesn’t design iPhones here. It doesn’t run AppleCare customer service from this city. And it doesn’t manufacture MacBooks or iPads anywhere nearby.

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HP, Intel and GE start fund to boost conflict-free minerals

20 April 2012 -

(GreenBiz) By Jonathan Bardelline
It’s the blood-diamond issue of the electronics industry: Many of the minerals used in electronics — including tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold — come from areas awash in corruption, child labor and slavery, where mines are controlled by armed groups.

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Cellphone Recycling: Getting the Most Out of Smartphones

3 April 2012 -

(GreenBiz) By Christopher Krywulak

What happens to your old phone when you buy a new one? As smartphone features and technology advance, consumers are quickly switching to newer, better, faster phones. Old cellphones are now one of the fastest-growing types of garbage in the United States.

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Greenpeace Puts Google, Cisco, Fujitsu at Top of Green IT Rankings

5 March 2012 -

(GreenBiz) By Matthew Wheeland

Greenpeace today released the latest version of its Cool IT Leaderboard, tracking progress among 21 IT companies in embracing green energy for their own operations as well as advocating for policies that promote clean energy use worldwide.

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Windows 8 Targets Application Efficiency

27 February 2012 -

(Environmental Leader)

Microsoft’s Windows 8 (pictured) will increase energy efficiency in the operating system’s applications, according to two of the product’s developers.

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Sprint to Require Green Certification for All Cell Phones

20 January 2012 -

(Greenbiz) By Tilde Herrera

Sprint will now require that all phones go through a certification process to meet stringent environmental standards set by the company and UL Environment.

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Facebook Ends Greenpeace Campaign with Major Green Commitments

21 December 2011 -

(Greenbiz) by Matthew Wheeland

The longest-running feud in green IT has come to an end as the social network embraces renewable energy for its data centers, coming to terms with the environmental group’s demands

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Apple Quietly Plans Solar Array for $1bn Data Center

15 November 2011 -

(Environmental Leader)

Apple is quietly planning a solar farm near its newly opened, $1 billion Project Dolphin data center in Maiden, N.C., according to news reports.

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HP, Apple Show Strong Leadership on Supply Chain Transparency

15 November 2011 -

(GreenBiz) By Matthew Wheeland

As 2011 rapidly shapes up to become The Year of Supply Chain Sustainability, few industries better illustrate the challenges and opportunities presented by the issue than IT.

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BlackBerry maker hits bottom of green electronics rankings

10 November 2011 -

(businessGreen) By Hanna Gersmann

Blackberry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has come bottom of a list of the world’s greenest electronics firms. The Canadian-based mobile maker is featured for the first time in the quarterly Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics, published on Wednesday and ranking 15 top electronic companies by their environmental policies and the impact of their products.

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HP, Intel, Sony Join Alliance to Source Conflict-Free Minerals

12 October 2011 -

( By Leslie Guevarra

HP, Intel, Sony are among the 21 electronics companies, industry groups and NGOs that have joined a U.S. government-led effort to create a reputable supply chain for conflict-free minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling target poised to hike up to 85%

5 October 2011 -

(Edie Net) The European Parliament has voted to raise the collection target for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) from 65% to 85% in Brussels today (October 4).

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O2: Consumers miss out on £762m a year due to recycling failure

29 September 2011 -

(Business Green) More than half of consumers do not recycle electronic gadgets such as mobile phones and MP3 players properly, resulting in increased levels of hazardous waste and the failure to realise more than £760m of resale value.

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IT bosses failing to ensure proper e-waste disposal

29 September 2011 -

(Edie Net) September 26, 2011
A fifth of senior IT decision makers in the UK are not confident that all of their company’s redundant computer equipment is being diverted from landfill, according to new research.

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California Passes First-Ever State Bill on Congo Conflict Minerals

22 September 2011 -

( by Laura Heaton – September 13, 2011
It began with individuals, spread to campuses, was taken up by cities, and last Friday California became the very first U.S. state to take action on conflict minerals from Congo.

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Data Revealed: Google Uses More Power than Salt Lake City

19 September 2011 -

(Environmental Leader) September 9, 2011
Google has broken its silence on energy consumption, announcing that it consumed 2,259,998 MWh in 2010. In a new section on the Google Green site, called “The Big Picture,” Google also said that it generated 1.46 million metric tons of carbon dioxide last year. Average annual carbon footprint per user was about 1.46 kg CO2 before offsets, and 0 kg afterwards, Google said.

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Google Reveals Its Carbon Footprint

13 September 2011 -

(Forbes) By Todd Woody – September 8, 2011
Google on Thursday disclosed its carbon footprint for the first time, providing details on the company’s global electricity consumption and its campaign to neutralize its contribution to global warming.

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Apple Takes a Hit for Pollution in Its Supply Chain

13 September 2011 -

(GreenBiz) By Matthew Wheeland – September 1, 2011
Apple may have won all kinds of kudos for removing toxics from its products, and it has publicly committed to removing conflict minerals from its African supply chain, but the company still finds itself in trouble this week over apparently widespread pollution in China.

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Google begins Amazon river Street View project

23 August 2011 -

(BBC) August 19, 2011
Google is expanding its Street View service into some of the world’s most remote places. It will photograph the Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers of northwest Brazil in partnership with charity Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon (FAS).

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Apple Paying Consumers for PCs

18 August 2011 -

(Environmental Leader) August 10, 2011
Apple has expanded its recycling program with an option that will pay owners of iPhones, iPads, Macs and even PCs a fair market value for their old electronics, AppleInsider reports.

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CDP: Cloud Computing Can Save $12bn

20 July 2011 -

(Environmental Leader) Cloud computing has the potential to save large U.S. companies up to $12.3 billion and to prevent 85.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions a year by 2020, according to a report by the Carbon Disclosure Project.

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Tragedies of Globalization: The Truth Behind Electronics Sweatshops

14 July 2011 -

(CSR Wire) July 12, 2011 – China Labour Watch recently completed a 136 page in-depth investigative report examining the electronics manufacturing industry in China. This report focused on ten Chinese electronics factories that supply electronic products to multinational electronics brand companies, such as Dell, HP, IBM, Apple, HP, and others.

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