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FedEx and BP push the envelope with carbon-neutral deliveries

8 May 2012 -

(Business Green)
Logistics company set to offset emissions from delivery of more than 200 million packages through BP Target Neutral scheme
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Lockheed Martin flies toward higher environmental goals

8 May 2012 -

(GreenBiz) By Jonathan Bardelline

Defense and aerospace giant Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) isn’t ready to rest on its sustainability laurels. After meeting its company-wide environmental goals one year early, the Bethesda, Md.-based corporation is now embarking on a plan to craft a new set of environmental goals.

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Music festivals give headline slot to bike schemes

8 May 2012 -

(Guardian) By Lucy Fry

Bestival, Green Man and Womad are among the UK festivals encouraging punters to cycle to the site this year

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FedEx Agrees to Pay $3 Million to Settle a Bias Case

12 April 2012 -

(New York Times) By Steven Greenhouse

The United States Department of Labor has reached a $3 million settlement with the ground delivery unit of FedEx to resolve allegations that the company discriminated against 21,635 job seekers at two dozen FedEx facilities in 15 states.

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Airbus ‘Could Lose Chinese Business’ Due to European Carbon Rules

3 April 2012 -


Airbus’ parent company has warned that it stands to lose Chinese business if the European Commission ignores protests from airlines about its European emissions trading scheme, Fox Business reports.

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China Orders Its Airlines Not to Pay EU Emissions Fee

27 February 2012 -

(Greenbiz) By Matthew Wheeland

Opposition to the European Union’s Emissions Trading System (ETS) stepped up today as the Chinese government officially forbade its airlines from paying into the cap-and-trade system when the rules go into effect in 2013.

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55 Airports Now in Emissions Reduction Program

13 February 2012 -

(Environmental Leader)

Some 55 major European airports are now part of a program aimed at cutting carbon emissions, trade organization Airports Council International has announced.

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Transport Industry Leaders Launch Coalition to Promote EV Adoption

20 January 2012 -

(Greenbiz) By Derek Top

A consortium of key industry stakeholders have united to help launch a national electric vehicle demonstration project and develop a representative model to help build broad-scale EV deployment.

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Airlines poor on ‘soft’ issues, says PwC

15 November 2011 -

(Financial Times) By Rose Jacobs

Airlines are doing a poor job of keeping shareholders informed about a range of “soft” measures that can affect the bottom line, from carbon emissions to customer service and board diversity.

The industry lags behind other sectors such as mining or oil and gas at consistent and relevant sustainability reporting, according to research by PwC, with fewer than four in 10 of the top 100 airlines by revenues issuing even the most rudimentary of reports.

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Shipping leaders set course for greener future

7 November 2011 -

(Business Green) By Will Nichols

Steps to pioneer energy efficient vessels, make greater of use renewable energy, and design ships that can be reused or recycled are all today included in a new roadmap designed to achieve a “step-change” in the industry’s carbon intensity through to 2040.

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Logistics Firms Move Towards Sustainability Checks on Supply Chain

29 October 2011 -

(Environmental Leader)

Using supply chain scorecards to measure a supplier’s sustainability is becoming widespread throughout the transport and logistics industry, as companies such as DHL and Eurostar aim to lessen their environmental impacts, according to a report by sustainability information source Ecodesk.

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FedEx Sprouts Sprawling Green Roof at O’Hare Airport

25 October 2011 -

( By Leslie Guevarra

FedEx Express, the cargo airline of FedEx Corp., has completed its latest contribution to the green roof initiative at Chicago’s airports — a vegetated roofscape that covers almost four acres.

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Virgin to Fly Planes on Waste Gas by 2014

12 October 2011 -

(Environmental Leader)

Virgin Atlantic Airways plans to fly commercial routes, by 2014, with a waste gas-based fuel that the company says has half the carbon footprint of standard aviation fuel.

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Canadian Truckers Can Now Earn Carbon Credits from Fuel Efficiency

12 October 2011 -

( By Frank Came

In a first of its kind deal, The Carbon Offset Aggregation Co-operative of BC has reached a five year agreement to sell carbon offsets created through the reduction of diesel fuel consumption by heavy trucks and equipment to Pacific Carbon Trust.

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EU’s top court lawyer says airline carbon cap is legal

7 October 2011 -

(Reuters) By Johanna Somers
European rules forcing all airlines to pay for carbon emissions are within the law, an adviser to Europe’s highest court said on Thursday, in the latest stage of a bitter battle between the European Union and the aviation industry.

From January next year, all airlines will have to buy permits under the EU’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) to help cover the carbon cost of all flights that land or take off in Europe.

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Thomson faces PR turbulence ahead of first biofuel flight

7 October 2011 -

(Business Green) By Will Nichols
Thomson Airways has defended the environmental credentials of today’s biofuel-powered flight from Birmingham to Lanzarote, in the face of accusations that the trial is nothing more than a “hollow PR stunt”.

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Despite Vocal Complaints, European Car Makers Meeting New Rules

5 October 2011 -

(Green Biz) By Will Nichols
Claims by the auto industry that mandatory efficiency targets would make cars unaffordable have been scotched by figures showing 2010′s new cars were, on average, more efficient and emitted less CO2 than a year before, green groups will argue today.

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Turbulence hits EU airline pollution scheme

4 October 2011 -

(Financial Times) By Andrew Parker
Airlines face being caught up in a global trade war as opposition grows to the European Union’s controversial plan to make carriers pay for their pollution, the aviation industry’s main representative body warned on Monday.

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Solar bridge puts railways on right track to sustainability

4 October 2011 -

(Business Green) Work on the world’s largest solar bridge formally begins today as the first of more than 4,400 solar panels are installed above the new Blackfriars station platform.

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Delhi metro first railway to earn UN carbon credits

29 September 2011 -

(BBC News) Delhi Metro has become the world’s first railway network to earn carbon credits from the United Nations for helping cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The transport system has helped reduce pollution levels in the city by 630,000 tonnes a year, a UN release said.

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EU reveals details on aircraft carbon trading scheme

27 September 2011 -

(NewNet) The European Commission has released further details of how it plans to integrate the aviation industry into its emission trading system as part of the wider effort to lower emissions. It has released a document publishing benchmark values which will be used to allocate greenhouse gas emission allowances to more than 900 aircraft operators.

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Fuel levy best way to sink shipping emissions, say green groups

14 September 2011 -

(BusinessGreen) By Will Nichols – September 8, 2011
Adding a $25 tax to each tonne of shipping fuel is the simplest way to cut emissions in the sector and help developing countries finance programmes combating climate change, green groups will say today.

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Carbon trading for aviation struggles to take off

13 September 2011 -

(BusinessGreen) By Matthew Gray – September 12, 2011
The inclusion of aviation in the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) is under increasing pressure from North American, Russian, and Chinese lobby groups, airlines, and governments. Launched in response to the anticipated additional costs to airlines, the extent and level of these challenges is considerable. The US airlines estimate an additional cost burden on industry of $1bn by 2020, while Emirates estimates between $500m to $1bn by 2020.

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Rise of more efficient combustion engine ‘biggest threat’ to electric vehicle market

12 September 2011 -

(EdieEnergy) September 6, 2011
Costs associated with running an electric car are currently much higher than conventional vehicles but that could be set to change, according to new research.

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China Aims to Rein In Car Sales

5 September 2011 -

(New York Times) By Keith Bradsher – September 4, 2011
After a decade of nurturing China’s auto industry to become the largest in the world, this country’s leaders are having second thoughts.

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