Green Place Symposium: Engaging employees, a company’s most valuable asset

It is said that a company’s biggest asset is its employees. Yet many corporations have not successfully tapped into this vast knowledge base.  The younger generation of professionals rank a company’s CSR agenda as one of the deciding factors on whether they would want to work there.  Many are even willing to take a pay cut if they believe in what the company is doing and stands for.  Corporations will be vying for talent from a shrinking pool as the population in Europe ages.

    1. What can companies do to attract and retain the most talented youth?
    2. How can you win support and commitment from your employees?
    3. How can you communicate with them in a way to make them excited about what you are doing? Learn from companies that are most successful in employee engagement how they did it.

      This symposium will bring together not only the CSR departments, but also the HR and internal communications managers.

      When: January 2012

      Where: Amsterdam

      Green Place Symposium: Perfect partnerships

      Finding the right fit for your CSR strategy requires looking into your core functions, goals, and strategy and building on that. The best partnerships are those that can withstand time and evolve along with your CSR vision, company strategy and needs.   What steps should you take to find the perfect partner? How to choose who to partner with? Learn about successful and less successful matches from leading European companies.

      When: May 2012

      Where: Amsterdam

      Green Place workshop: Communicating your message, innovative CSR reporting

      ‘Tis the season to start thinking about your annual report. Will it be integrated this year? How can you best reach your target audience? Are you taking advantage of online vehicles for telling your story successfully?  What about social media? We will be examining what makes a report great, how you can best use old and new communication tools to inform and engage stakeholders.  Are you getting the necessary information out in the most appropriate way? This workshop will last a whole day.

      When: September 2012

      Where: Amsterdam