CSR Practitioners – Are we writing ourselves out of the script?
5 September 2011 -

I have been mulling over the idea that if we are successful in our jobs of fully integrating CSR into a company ethos, its business practices, and its product development, then surely we will have made ourselves redundant?

I am glad to report that we are seeing an acceleration in CSR actually being applied to the business case. More and more companies and investors are reporting and seeking information on non-financial key performance indicators, especially environmental indicators. We have gone from no reporting on CSR (1980s-1990s) to a flourish in reporting on CSR (2000-2010) and now are moving into a push for integrated reporting. This means that we are integrating CSR into all of the business. So will responsibility for CSR move into the hands of the CFO for reporting, the engineers for innovation, HR for training all employees, compliance officers and supply chain specialists? As more companies are maturing in their CSR and integrating it into the overall strategy and development, we are witnessing a brave new re-structuring that threatens CSR practitioners with extinction. I applaud our extinction because it means that we will have helped change the company model from one based solely on monetary profit to one based on being responsible first and foremost.

But I wonder – what next for me, even though the job of communicating it all will still exist within corp coms? All morphing suggestions warmly welcome.

- Vicky Valanos