The Green Place @ Media Wise helps campaign to heal the world
31 May 2011 -

Mediawise has recently been working with, an NGO in Amsterdam that is striving to make the world a better place by helping brands see the true value of altruism. The founder, Mark Woerde, recently commissioned research to help support his belief that most people are altruistic and looking for brands that can help them to help others. The results, from over 24,000 participants across 16 countries, help prove that there’s great potential for brands that act prosocially as a majority of people favour them over standard brands. The research affirms that doing good can be good business, something Letsheal hopes will turn the power of brands and marketing into a force. Media Wise has helped with editing the book Mark wrote on the research entitled “How Advertising Will Heal The World and Your Business” and getting media coverage for the story.